Echium judaeum

May 30, 2021 by savvas

Echium judaeum

Name/Όνομα:   Έχιον το ιουδαίον*

Scientific name/Επιστημονικό όνομα:  Echium judaeum Lacaita

Common name/Κοινό Όνομα:   Judean Viper´s-bugloss

Family/Οικογένεια:   BORAGINACEAE


* Η απόδοση του είδους στα Ελληνικά είναι εισήγηση του συγγραφέα.




Plant:    Annual growing up to 50 cm high.

Stem/s:   Erect, branched, cylindrical, covered with sparse red spots and a mixture of dense short hairs and sparse long whitish and thick hairs (hispid).

Leaves:   Alternate, simple, entire, oblong to oblong-elliptic and sessile, with rough texture, densely covered with thick and hard whitish hairs (hispid).

Flowers:  Zygomorphic and hermaphrodite in many-flowered, terminal and pyramidal or irregularly branched cymes; calyx campanulate with 5 linear and hispid lobes; corolla trumpet-shaped, dark blue or violet, covered with short, and soft whitish hairs, while more long whitish hairs are present along the veins; stamens 5, included, very often the 2 longer exserted from corolla; filaments erect, whitish-violet and glabrous, anthers blue; style 1, white and glabrous, stigma 2-lobed.

Flowering time:   March-April.

Fruit:    4 nutlets.   

Habitat:   Very rare in Cyprus and it is found at phrygana vegetation and stony slopes on calcareous ground, from 50-100 m alt.

Native:   Endemic to Lebanon, Southern Syria and Israel.




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