Xeranthemum inapertum

November 16, 2023 by savvas

Xeranthemum inapertum

Name/Όνομα:    Ξεράνθεμο το κλειστόν.

Scientific name/Επιστημονικό όνομα:   Xeranthemum inapertum (L0. Mill

Family/Οικογένεια:   ASTERACEAE


* Η απόδοση του είδους στα Ελληνικά είναι εισήγηση του συγγραφέα.




Plant:   Annual herb growing up to 30 cm high. 

Stem/s:   Erect, distinctly angled, greenish or glaucous green, with appressed arachnoid hairs and branched from near the base or unbranched.

Leaves:  Alternate, simple, entire and sessile, covered with appressed whitish hairs, the lower oblong-obovate or oblanceolate forming a lax rosette, the upper lanceolate, oblanceolate or narrowly oblong, smaller with acute apex, often with deflexed margins.

Flowers:   Solitary in terminal and pedunculated capitula; involucre ovoid; phyllaries in 5 series, glabrous, the phyllaries of the 2-3 lower series are broadly-ovate, apiculate, white with a narrow brown stripe dorsally, the others are oblong, longer and narrower, acuminate, with pink or purple stripe dorsally; receptacle flat; marginal florets tubular the marginal sterile the disk florets actinomorphic and hermaphrodite; stamens 5, anthers linear; ovary inferior, style 1, 2-branched.

Flowering time:  February-May.  

Fruit:   Achenes, pappus with 5 scales.    

Habitat:  Rocky slopes, 200-1500 m alt.  

Native:   Mediterranean region to Iran and Caucasus.


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