Andrachne telephioides

June 29, 2020 by savvas

Andrachne telephioides

Name/Όνομα:  Ανδράχνη η τελεφιοειδής**   

Scientific name/Επιστημονικό όνομαAndrachne telephioides** L.   

Common name/Κοινό Όνομα:  Andrachne, False orpine   

Family/Οικογένεια:  EUPHORBIACEAE  


* Η απόδοση του είδους στα Ελληνικά είναι εισήγηση του συγγραφέα.




Plant:  Monoecious perennial herb with woody root system, growing up to 40 cm high.    

Stem/s:  Prostrate or semi-erect, little branched below, slightly ribbed, with numerous green and glabrous branches.      

Leaves:  Alternate, simple, entire, obovate, elliptical or suborbicular, glaucous green, petiolate, acute, subacute or obtuse, cuneate or rounded at the base; stipules ovate-lanceolate, silvery, reddish at the base.   

Flowers:  Yellowish to yellowish-green, axillary, solitary or in bundles; male and female flowers are separated but on the same plant; usually in a bundle there are 2 male flowers and 1 female; male flower: sepals 5, ovate-rhomboid, entire, yellowish-green centrally, whitish marginally, petals smaller, obovate or oblanceolate, whitish, slightly reddish at the center, stamens 5, connate at the base, yellow unfertile stamens at the base of the disk (pistillodes); female flowers: petals minute, sepals ovate-rhomboid, green with whitish margins, disk-lobes yellow, emarginated, ovary superior, subglobose, yellowish-green and glabrous, styles 3, bifid, persistent.    

Flowering time:  February-October.  

Fruit:  Schizocarpic capsule (regma) with flat 3-sided seeds.  

Habitat:  Roadsides, dry hillsides on sedimentary or igneous ground, from 0-1300 m alt.

Native:  Mediterranean region, Southern Europe, Northern Africa, Central and western Asia.

 **As the leaves look like the leaves of “hylotelephium telephium”

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