Nepeta troodi

August 4, 2019 by savvas

Nepeta troodi

Name/Όνομα:  Νεπέτα του Τροόδους   

Scientific name/Επιστημονικό όνομαNepeta troodi Holmboe.

 Common name/Κοινό όνομα:  Catmint    

Family/Οικογένεια:  LAMIACEAE



Plant:  Perennial aromatic herb reaching 50cm tall.

Stems:  Erect, ascending or sprawling, much-branched at the base, unbranched or sparingly branched above, tetragonal, pale green, densely covered with a mixture of long white and short glandular hairs.

Leaves:  Opposite, simple, petiolate, deltoid, cordate at base, obtuse at apex, blade rough and wrinkled, pubescent, margins crenate, petiole pubescent, channeled above.

Flowers:  Zygomorphic and hermaphrodite, in lax, many-flowered distant whorls, along to an elongate flowering axon; lower bracts spreading, leaf-like, upper bracts lanceolate, pointed; bracteoles linear with  glandular hairs; calyx tubular, straight or curved, 2-lipped, 5-toothed, teeth unequal, lanceolate, green, with glandular and non-glandular hairs externally, glabrous internally; corolla 2-lipped, 3-lobed below, 2-lobed above; upper lip semi-erect,  broadly oblong, whitish, lobes almost rounded, pubescent externally; lower lip dotted with lavender spots, lateral lobes semi-circular, median lobe  bigger, somewhat concave, nearly semicircular, with long white hairs at the upper part internally and a mixture of glandular and non-glandular hairs externally, margins strongly wavy or irregularly toothed, sometimes pendulous (hanging); stamens 4 ( 2 pairs), the upper longer, filaments  parallel, white, glabrous above, thinly hairy at the lower half, anthers dark purple, exserted; ovary superior, style whitish, longer than stamens, glabrous, exserted, stigma 2-lobed, lobes purplish, equal.

Flowering time:  June-October.

Fruit:  4 nutlets.

Habitat:  Rocky ground, pine forests, from 900-1950m alt

Native:  Endemic to Cyprus.

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